Monday, October 12, 2009

The Big Let Down X 3

Wow, what a terrible Sunday for this fan. First, the Red Sox squander a two-run lead in the top of the ninth with two outs to end their season. Second, the Patriots lose in overtime to the Broncos after ceding a 10 point first half lead.

Things come in threes don't they?

Yes, they do.

I'm a fan of The Amazing Race and this season there really is only one team to route for - Zev and Justin. Zev has Asperberger's Syndrome, so is a bit slow, but he posseses a wry sense of humor. Justin is his friend and is perhaps the kindest contestant the Amazing Race has ever had. Zev and Justin met as camp counselors, and Zev interviewed that Justin befriended him and introduced him to his group of friends and just made him fit in. They were on the verge of elimination last week, but last night they vaulted to first place, only to realize Zev had lost his passport.

If contestants lose their travel documents, they must find them before the last team checks in. Since the race was tight the whole day, it was a foregone conclusion they would be eliminated. So, instead of sniping at one another and blaming each other for not keeping track of the passport, they calmly, though dejectedly, retraced their steps with the help of a cabby they had charmed with their kindness earlier in the day. Often eliminated teams will gripe, yell, cry, blame. Not these two. Real great guys to the end.

So who the heck am I going to route for now? The Yankees??!!!! Lance & Keri?!!!!!!!!!!!

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