Friday, October 23, 2009


  • MSNBC juxtaposed a couple of headlines that seem inappropriate next to one another. The one on the left is about a huge gas facility explosion in Puerto Rico, which was foreshadowed by graffit stating "Boom, fire, RIP, Gulf." Next to it is a headline that says Mini-Boom in housing.

  • Yesterday on my way to CVS during lunch, a homeless guy was rattling some change in a cup to people who walked by - "Spare change please? Spare change?" Something about his "please" got to me, so on my way out of the store, I approached him and said in a semi-aggressive way: "I don't have any change for you!" He looked at me confused, until I said, "Because all I have is a $20 bill." When I put it in his cup, he embraced me and said, "God bless you sir." Despite the foul body odor that wafted into my nose during the hug, I was glad I did it.
  • "Screw 'em!" My buddy passed me a story of a 4-year old who has memorized the lines to the hockey movie, Miracle. His dad posted the kid's recitation of the locker room speech by Kurt Russell on YouTube, and it's hilarious. The link takes you to the story that includes the boy's video and the original Kurt Russell version. If you're not familiar with the movie, watch Russell's video before the kid's.

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