Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Falling Apart

Not sure what's happening, but it's been a weird health month for our family.

My oldest son is having surgery today to get his third set of ear tubes. UPDATE: Grady did great in surgery and is feeling 100% 2 days after.

Last night my youngest son was feeling sick last night and slept in my spot in bed next to my wife. I slept in the guest room to give him space. So, when I went to bed later than everyone, I used the guest bathroom so I didn't wake him up in our master bedroom. I turned the lights off before I left the bathroom, and forgot that I wasn't walking out of the master bathroom. 3 steps later, I tumbled headfirst down our flight of hardwood stairs. Cracked my head against the wall and bruised up my ankle and knee. Walking wounded.

Also, for the past 6 weeks, my voice has been raspy and kind of weak. For a couple of weeks it felt like I had to clear my throat often -- like I had a frog in it. Then I attended the WFNX Clam Bake all-day music festival and lost my voice because of excessive cheering, and it just hasn't healed since. So, tomorrow, I'm going to MGH to see an ENT specialist who will look at my vocal cords. My primary care physician didn't see anything in my throat to explain why my voice would still be raspy more than a month after the concert, so thinks I damaged my vocal cords. I'm hoping the ENT doctor finds the cords are just strained and not indicative of something more serious. UPDATE: I have papilloma on vocal cords, which is essentially warts. They are easily removed with laser surgery.

So, if you asked me "How are you doing?" I'd be like an old fart and actually tell you. Be glad you can just close my blog and be done with me.

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