Monday, May 10, 2004


Liam got his CT scan this morning, and he performed like a champ. He was given anesthetic gas and then his sinuses were scanned. He was back in our arms within 10 minutes, woozy but happy. We had been told to expect up to a 2-hour wait in the recovery room, but he was given the green light after 20 minutes. The radiologist sends in the results to Dr. Cuyler and we should know the cause of his sinus infections tomorrow.

This weekend my car started acting funny on the way home from a nice dinner with Colleen. We were out to celebrate Mother's Day, Colleen's lead role in winning a piece of new business for WaggEd, and my decision on what to do at WaggEd in FY05 (MSN full time). Anyway, heading home, my car started revving at stop signs and lights, and then wouldn't accelerate when I gave it gas for three or four seconds at a time. So, I dropped the car off Sunday at Peter's Auto Works and now they're trying to diagnose it. Lesson learned: do not buy cars off the internet. This was an eBay Motors purchase and it's been a net negative experience.

I got some new clothes from Lands End in the mail today. Colleen didn't like them and told me, "Don't try to be a different person in Italy." Admittedly, I was trying to look a little more wordly than what my Microsoft T-shirts would have afforded me. I'm keeping most of the stuff, but returning one particularly bad shirt. I got it in white, and I looked like the J. Peterman character from Seinfeld, minus a couple of grey hairs.

Less than a month before we leave for our 7 week sabbatical!

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