Saturday, November 3, 2007

Soccer Mom & Dad

My 7-year old son, Grady, stormed into the soccer world this season, surprising us to the Nth degree. The summer days he spent playing soccer at the beach with his older cousins really paid off. His team, the Leopards, have played 8 games so far, and have their 9th next Saturday. The Leopards are 4-2-2. I posted pictures from the game today.

Though the stats below may indicate Grady is a selfish player, it's anything but the truth. He has many assists, looks for the pass all the time, but if he has an opening, he will take it in and shoot. What impresses me the most is that he can outrun most of the opponents even while he is dribbling the ball. He keeps the ball close, keeps his eyes up, and runs his heart out.

Game/Result/Score/Goals by Grady

1/Loss/ 7-8/ 4

2/ Win/ 12-1/ 8

3/ Loss/ 3-5/ 3 (100% of team goals)

4/ Win/ 5-4/ 2

5/ Win/ 8-5/ 8 (100% of team goals)

6/ Tie/ 3-3/ 3 (100% of team goals)

7/ Tie/ 10-10/ 5

8/ Win/ 3-0/ 2

Goals for: 54
Goals against: 33
Grady's total goals: 35!

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